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“We are constantly walking on herbs, the virtues of which no one knows.”
– Chumash tradition*

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What are Herb Walks?

Herb Walks and Nature Hikes with Lanny Kaufer are interpretive walks and hikes with an emphasis on edible and medicinal plants, those classified as “herbs” for their culinary and medicinal properties. The primary focus of an Herb Walk is to learn to positively identify native plants in their natural habitats, something that cannot be done accurately with books, photos and web images alone.

On an Herb Walk you will explore the fascinating field of ethnobotany as Lanny discusses and demonstrates the plants’ traditional and modern uses for food, home remedies, botanical medicine, survival, wildcrafting, foraging, landscaping, camping, crafts, ceremony and more. Herb Walks are usually less than 1 mile distance each way. A Nature Hike is an opportunity to spend more time on the trail, covering more ground and observing plants, birds, insects and other wildlife. Nature Hikes are more than 1 mile each way and may include moderately difficult creek crossings or significant elevation gain. Each event listing includes a description of the difficulty of the walk or hike.

Herb Walks in the Ojai area are usually $20 for adults; Nature Hikes are $25. A $5 discount for seniors 62-and-older and full-time students 13-18 is available by request. Kids 5-12 can attend free, one per adult, by prior arrangement. All participants below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. No dogs, please. Events with special guests are priced higher and may not include usual discounts.

Herb Walks and Nature Hikes are a great way to discover the many wonderful trails of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties of Southern California and meet interesting like-minded people. Lanny also offers private walks and hikes as well as special events with guest presenters.

Please scroll down to the Upcoming Events in the left sidebar or check the Calendar to sign up for a walk or hike from the seashore, up the wooded creeks, across the chaparral slopes, and into the pine-forested mountains. Use the Register for an Event link to sign up right now by entering your name and the name of the event. Due to weather conditions and the holiday season, there is usually nothing scheduled in December and January.

Herb Walks and Nature Hikes held in the Los Padres National Forest are provided under a U.S. Forest Service Special Use Permit for Outfitting and Guiding Services.

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*Hudson, Travis, Ed. Breath of the Sun: Life in Early California as Told by a Chumash Indian, Fernando Librado, to John P. Harrington. Malki Museum Press, Morongo Indian Reservation. Banning, California: 1979.


See Lanny in the “Gardens of the Wild” video series by filmmaker Robert Barrett:

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Lanny’s Guest Appearance on Amanda McQuade Crawford’s VeriaTV Show, “What A Relief”


November 2011 Herb Walks in Horn Canyon with Julie Tumamait-Stenslie

Julie Tumamait-Stenslie

In November 2011 we presented two Herb Walks with special guest Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash educator and tribal leader. The response was overwhelming. As a result we plan to do more events together in 2012.

After we identified the Southern California Black Walnut tree along the trail, Julie (pictured) demonstrated the Chumash game played with pieces made from walnut shell halves filled with asphaltum and decorated with abalone shell.






Julie also spoke at length about the stately oaks and their central role in Chumash life. See video below shot by Lorraine Walter in November, 2011:



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