Letter from a friend: “Stevia Proving to be Better than Antibiotics for Killing Lyme Disease”

The herbal sweetener Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)


I received this letter from friend, massage therapist and artist Donna Summerville:

Subject: Stevia Proving to be Better than Antibiotics for Killing Lyme Disease.

Scroll down past my letter for the link re Stevia and Lyme disease .

In November of 2016 during meditation I received the thought that I should take Stevia for the Lyme disease symptoms I had been suffering with since 1986 when I was bitten by ticks on Pine Mountain.  I don’t even like Stevia, but I complied.  Two months after starting to take it I received a message from a friend in LA, who sent the enclosed link from a recent research in West Haven, Connecticut, that Stevia was considered to be better than antibiotics to help in Lyme disease, especially chronic cases.

I started taking the Stevia, 15 drops a day in a quart of herb tea.  I used the Trader Joe’s tincture, not powdered version.  Easier to use.  I’m sure there are purer, better sources, but this is what was readily available at the time.  I used Alvita herb teas, 3 or 4 different ones according to need.  Simmered tea bags in a pan for 10-15 minutes and then put in a thermos, added the Stevia and drank throughout the day.

There was substantial improvement in 2 to 3 months.  Now, I just use it as I feel the need – 10 or so drops in a quart of tea, which I finish in one day.  There can be some side effects if one takes too much Stevia, i.e., loose bowels, etc, as well as, some symptoms as the bacteria dies off.

It was interesting to notice that when the Lyme disease was active in the blood, (not in cyst form), I had an extreme craving for sugar.  This became the sign that it was replicating and “feeding.”  I believe the Stevia fools the bacteria into thinking it’s what it needs to survive and then somehow starves out or kills the bacteria.  Just conjecture on my part from observation.

It’s important to note that I did receive antibiotic treatment for one month at 7 weeks after first getting the bites. (4 bites on my right, lower leg).  The antibiotics were helpful, but I needed to get them sooner.  When it goes into second phase around one month, the antibiotics seem to drive the bacteria deeper into cyst (biofilm) form.  Nothing can touch it then.  Five years later it resurfaced with very serious neurological symptoms.  I lost 50 lbs in a little over 1 month.  It almost took me out.  I’m very grateful to be alive.

Black-legged Tick, AKA Deer Tick (Ixodes pacificus)

I can truly say that after using the Stevia my symptoms have disappeared.  There is still damage to the joints, which I may have to address, re hip surgery, but otherwise, I’m feeling the best I have since first contracting Lyme disease.

I truly hope this may be of help to anyone suffering from this disease.

Donna Summerville
Ojai, Ca

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