Lanny demonstrates how to handle stinging nettles.

Herb Walks on Spectrum TV!

Nic Cha Kim of Spectrum News 1 joined us at Euterpe Farms on Presidents’ Day 2020 for the foraging Herb Walk and Stone Soup Picnic. Nic is an award-winning media journalist and it shows in this excellent segment he filmed and narrated. It aired on Monday, March 2, 2020, but you can see it online by clicking here.

Members of our village-for-a-day preparing dwarf stinging nettles for the Stone Soup. Photo: Nic Cha Kim for Spectrum News 1
Foraged salad of miner’s lettuce, chickweed, and Italian thistle topped with wild black walnuts and served with an acorn pancake.
The “Stone Soup” with loads of vegetables and foraged stinging nettles.
Lanny explains the elderberry clack stick by the Euterpe Farms windmill. Photo: Jeanne Black

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