Autumn health tips from a San Francisco acupuncturist

I discovered Emily Navas’ website — —  while looking for a recipe for Jade Screen, the revered Chinese formula for strengthening the immune system. (More about that in a minute.) I’ve never met her but I sure like the info she shares on her website. A couple of weeks ago, she posted some great advice for staying healthy this time of year so I’m happy to pass it on her “Autumn Cold and Flu Help.”

Last year about this time, on the advice of my local OMD, Dr. Fred Siciliano, I started cooking up a tea of Oatstraw every other morning, drinking half the first day and refrigerating the other half to heat up and drink the next day. After finding Emily’s recipe, I decided to combine the Oatstraw with the Jade Screen herbs and drank it daily through the winter until the weather warmed up in April. It was delicious and I did not have a cold all winter. Of course, this is what they call “anecdotal evidence” so you can take it with a grain of salt but I know I’ll be drinking my Oatstraw/Jade Screen tea again this winter.



Here’s Emily’s blog post with the video shown at the top of this post and her recipe for Jade Wind Screen Tea. I suggest you check out her clinic if you live in the Bay Area. Thanks, Emily!

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