Letter from a friend: “Stevia Proving to be Better than Antibiotics for Killing Lyme Disease”

  I received this letter from friend, massage therapist and artist Donna Summerville: Subject: Stevia Proving to be Better than Antibiotics for Killing Lyme Disease. Scroll down past my letter for the link re Stevia and Lyme disease . In November of 2016 during meditation I received the thought that I should take Stevia for […]

Using garlic and onion makes good sense any time of year

While the winter is traditionally called “cold and flu season,” did you know there is no scientific evidence for this assumption? The usually reliable, well-researched, and equally entertaining Straight Dope examines this question and the various theories. In any case, and at any time of year, there are lots of good reasons to use garlic, both […]

Seaside photo shoot starring Crystalline Iceplant

When it comes to photos shared with me by Herb Walks participants, I have an embarrassment of riches. Here’s a beautiful shot of Crystalline Iceplant (Mesembryanthemum crystalline), the true “ice” plant, as you can see in this photo taken by Mandi Nuñez on the Seaside Wilderness Park Herb Walk on July 23, 2016. The crystalline icing really is […]

Adventure Pass Victory for Free Access

Alasdair Coyne, the unstoppable founder and director of Keep Sespe Wild Committee (KSWC), shared this good news for hikers in his June newsletter. The entire article is reprinted below. Kudos to Alasdair and KSWC for the years they put into fighting for our right to free public access to undeveloped trailheads. You can subscribe to […]

Tarrah’s Artful Herbal Notes

With so many events and so much going on outside in Nature these days, it’s been hard to find time for blogging. I have to take a minute, though, to acknowledge these beautiful and informative notes sent to me by new Herb Walks friend Tarrah Toland. She attended the Foraging Walk and Primitive Herbal Brewing […]

Explore Ojai: Foraging & Pixie Mixology Demo with Matthew Biancaniello and Lanny Kaufer

My 40th anniversary year of Herb Walks continues with an invitation to participate in a very special herbal event featuring a celebrity guest. On Sunday, April 10, I’ll be joining renowned Los Angeles cocktail chef and author Matthew Biancaniello for Explore Ojai: Foraging & Pixie Mixology Demo. This creative collaboration is the brainchild of the Ojai […]

Good news in the plant book world!

Big news for Southern California native plant students! For the first time in years, Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains by Milt McAuley is available brand-new exclusively in the Herb Walks Store. Believed to be out-of print and sold only by used and collectible book sellers, a few remaining copies of this classic work were offered […]

Wondering what to plant under Oaks?

I’ve been enjoying my holiday break and I hope you have, too. Today I was reminded by one of my Herb Walks friends that, with the rainy season approaching, now is the time to plant drought-tolerant native plants. She asked what to plant under Oak trees. My yard is mostly under Coast Live Oaks (Quercus […]

CNPS Native Plant Sale in Ventura this Saturday!

Armillaria Root Rot

Armillaria mellea, also known as Honey Fungus or Oak Root Fungus, causes Armillaria root rot on Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) and other trees. In advanced stages, it pushes up mushrooms at or near the base of infected trees. Other symptoms appear as discolored foliage, reduced growth, and dieback of branches in the crown of the tree. Eventually, the tree […]