Herb Walks | Details & Fees

Herb Walks are usually less than 1 mile distance each way. Nature Hikes are longer, more strenuous versions of Herb Walks. Spend more time on the trail, cover more ground, and observe plants, birds, insects and other wildlife. Nature Hikes are usually 3-5 miles round-trip and may include moderately difficult creek crossings or significant elevation gain. Each event listing includes a description of the difficulty of the walk or hike.

Adults: Local Herb Walks in the Ojai area are usually $20; Nature Hikes are $25.
Seniors: $5 discount for seniors 62-and-older
Students: $10 discount 13-18 are available by request.
Kids: 5-12 can attend free, one per adult, by prior arrangement.

All participants below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian if not enrolled with Ventura Wild. 
Events with special guests are priced higher and may not include usual discounts.
No dogs or smoking, please, on any walks or hikes. Thanks!