Birds of Southern California: A Guide to Common and Notable Species

QRP_0152_978-1-936913-95-4Photos & Text: Greg R. Homel

Publisher: Quick Reference Publishing (2014)

Waterproof Field Guide: Six laminated fold-out panels

Publisher’s Description:
Birds of Southern California is a quick and easy to use, light-weight, durable, all-weather field guide to the incredibly varied birdlife of Southern California, from the coast to the mountains to the inland deserts, Salton Sea and Lower Colorado River Valley. Stunning digital photographs depict 130 species of common and notable birds enabling users to identify nearly every commonly-occurring and regional bird specialty they encounter—day or night—in an area spanning from Morro Bay south along the Pacific Coast (including the Channel Islands) to the Mexican Border, east to the Nevada and Arizona State lines and all points between.

Aimed at beginning and intermediate birders, the guide will easily fit into any daypack, pocket or glove compartment, facilitating easy field identification—whether in a backyard, on a family vacation, or a serious birding trip visiting the best birding hot spots in the Southland.

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