Flower-Watcher’s Guide To Spring-Blooming Wildflowers Of The Antelope Valley


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Author: Milt Stark

Photography: Milt Stark, Marie Zaferis

Publisher: Flowerwatcher Publishing Company (1996)

Paperback: 159 pages; 207 color photos

Please note: This book is now a collector’s item. It’s out of print and the last few remaining new copies are right here in the Herb Walks Shop.

From the Preface:
This book is written for people with no botanical knowledge who happen to be curious about the common name of a wildflower they might find in the Antelope Valley. In an area of such rich botanical resources as is this Valley (at least in years of average or better rainfall), experience has shown that a book which helps identify at least the common wildflowers is very much needed. The area covered by this book is the Antelope Valley, the surrounding foothills and the canyons leading into the valley. This area is roughly from Gorman on the west to the Los Angeles County line on the east and from California City on the north to the foothills and canyons on the south. The Antelope Valley is a unique wildflower growing area mainly because of the varying amounts of rainfall and temperatures.

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