Hiking Trails of Malibu Creek State Park


A complete guide to the trails, history, plants, and wildlife of Malibu Creek State Park by the legendary Milt McAuley

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Author: Milt McAuley

Publisher: Canyon Publishing (Second Edition, 1996)

Paperback: 159 pages

From the Introduction:

“Welcome to this mountain park, nestled deep in the Santa Monica Mountains, and cradled in a bedrock of volcanic stone. Conceived of ocean deposits, matured by time, and born of compressive land forces, this land has seen fire and flood, and grown through earthquakes and volcanic action.

Come along with me on a hike into the park. We’ll walk a trail high on the ridge where we can view the ocean on one side and see Malibu Canyon on the other. We will make our way through canyons that see filtered sunshine only at midday and seldom feel the wrath of wind. We will lean against a sycamore at the edge of Rock Pool and marvel at this exquisite jewel mounted in a natural setting. Nature has indeed created a masterpiece with this enchanted spot.

Come along with me some day in spring, and we’lll see wildflowers in bloom along every trail, in every field, and on all the ridges. We’ll work our way along the streambed and look for ferns; Golden back, Polypody, and Wood ferns are easy to find so we’ll look for the more elusive Maidenhair and Chain fern. You are challenged to find the Bigleaf maples, the Dogwood, and the chocolate Lilies – they are all here.

But best of all, we will find friendship, adventure, excitement, and the opportunity to absorb the surprises of the out-of-doors. So come on out, let this place work its magic on you, and at the end of the day you will be physically in tune and mentally relaxed.”

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