Medicinal Herbs of California is an indispensable resource for nature enthusiasts and herbalism students alike.

Whether you’re a beginning or a more advanced herbalist, Kaufer’s field guide is a must-have for

This is a well-documented field guide for layperson and herbalist alike, excellent for responsible gatherers to

This is an outstanding resource for any herbalist, botanist, or conservationist in California! …Both practical and

This is an outstanding book! As a professional field botanist, I really appreciate the author’s focus

Lanny Kaufer brings together all the best elements to create a classic compendium of ethnobotany.

Amazing work! What a joy to dip into such a concentrated yet accessible resource! Here

Lanny Kaufer’s years of experience and passion for hiking, exploring nature, and learning and teaching

Lanny Kaufer’s exquisite attention to botanical science is balanced with respect for Indigenous systems of