Wonderful day on Pine Mountain!


What a wonderful day on the Fall Equinox Nature Hike on Pine Mountain on Saturday, September 20! See the photo at the bottom of this post of some of our group looking up at the pine cones. In addition to all the usual great plants and scenery, we fortuitously hit the moment of the year when the pine nuts are dropping out of their cones. I have too many photos to go through right now but here is one (above) of young Finn (age 8) holding some Sugar Pine nuts and a shot (below) of the huge cones that produced them. Attention foodies: you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a fresh pine nut right off the tree. (Okay, technically, they are seeds, not nuts, but we don’t have time for all that here.) Photos by Lorenz Schaller.


Here I am pointing out the huge cones that produced the pine nuts we were sampling. Need I say they were delicious?

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