Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains – Second Edition

McAuley coverAuthor: Milt McAuley

Photography: James P. Kenney

Publisher: Canyon Publishing Company (1996)

Paperback: 565 pages; 496 color photos

Now out of print, this classic flora of Southern California is available here brand-new at the original 1996 price. The last remaining copies were discovered by the publisher and offered to us so that we can pass them on to you at the low price of $19.95.

From the book jacket of the first edition: “Milt McAuley has brought together in this book all you might want to know about wildflowers of this mountain range. It is a readable approach to plant identification in the wild for the beginner or the professional botanist. The full color photographs are separated by color so that identification is easier. Many plants are also illustrated, making characteristic features readily apparent. The photographs are captioned with page numbers that refer to the written description. The index cross-references both common and technical names, lists plate number of the photograph, and page number of the plant description. An illustrated glossary of terms clarifies meanings for a beginning botanist.”