NOW FEATURING: A free hyperlinked bibliography for Medicinal Herbs of California 

Did you know that my field guide, Medicinal Herbs of California, has over 350 citations referencing the sources of information I present? That number, in turn, required 176 bibliography entries for books and online journal articles. At first, my wonderful publisher, Falcon Guides, balked at adding so many citations and a bibiliography, explaining that field guides are not like academic textbooks. When I explained that I couldn’t share the science behind the medicinal properties and conservation status of the herbs without showing where I got the information, they understood and provided the necessary ink and pages.


One potential problem with the citations is that URLs can be long and there’s no convenient way to transfer them from the printed page to a web browser. That’s why I created a free 

hyperlinked bibliography

for you, my loyal readers. You can find it exclusively on my website at that link above.

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