Herb Walks and Lanny Kaufer in the News

These print and online articles and TV segments about Herb Walks, Lanny Kaufer, and Lanny’s book, Medicinal Herbs of California, are listed beginning with the most recent. Where readable online versions of articles are not available I have reprinted the articles.

“Edible and Medicinal Herbs of the Southern California Coast”
California 101 Traveler’s Guide, Spring 2023. Article by Lanny Kaufer

“Talking wild herbs and more with Lanny Kaufer”
Ventura County Reporter, April 3, 2023. Interview by Nancy D. Lackey Shaffer

“Herb Walker & Author Lanny Kaufer Publishes Field Guide to Medicinal Herbs”
Ojai Quarterly, Spring 2022. Article by Kit Stolz.

“Nature is the Teacher. I’m the Guide”
Ojai Magazine, Spring 2022. Article by Perry Van Houten.

“Helpful Herbs and Ancient California Plant-Based Medicine”
Noozhawk, February 19, 2022. Article by Dan McCaslin.

“Lanny Kaufer Finds Healing in Nature: Ojai-Based Herbalist Pens Medicinal Plants of California Field Guide”
Santa Barbara Independent, January 31, 2022. Article by Matt Kettmann.

“Lanny Kaufer shares knowledge about the natural world”
Ojai Valley News, January 31, 2020. Article by Austin Widger. Click on the article below and zoom in to readable size.

“He’s nuts about acorns”
Santa Barbara News-Press, December 21, 2019. Article by Josh Grega. Click on the article below and zoom in to readable size.

“The Backcountry Bookseller”
Ojai Quarterly, Fall 2019. Article by Kit Stolz. You can also click on the image below to see a low-resolution version. Then zoom in to readable size.

“Natural Healing: Experts to Explain Uses, Dispel Misconceptions at Medical Marijuana Conference in Ojai”
Ventura County Reporter, April 24, 2019. Cover Story, Feature Article by Kathy Jean Schultz.

“‘Moonwalker’ Lanny Kaufer to Sunset Nature Walk in Ojai Valley”
Santa Ynez Valley News, April 12, 2019.

“How to Forage for Your Dinner”
Santa Barbara Independent, February 13, 2019. Interview with Christopher Nyerges about our Ojai workshop by Matt Kettmann.

“Foraging for Wild Beers”
Santa Barbara Independent, July 24, 2018. Interview with Pascal Baudar about our Ojai workshop by Matt Kettmann.

“Lanny Kaufer: A Man of Many Hats”
Ojai Monthly, May 2018. Article by Sarah Howery Hart. Slide to page 26.

“GROUNDING EFFECT | The healing power of gardening in a frantic world”
Ventura County Reporter, July 19, 2018. Article by Alicia Doyle featuring Lanny and other Ventura County gardeners

“Green Union: Eco-Conscious Coupling in Ojai”
The Ojai Quarterly, Spring 2018. Article by Sarah Howery Hart on Ojai wedding activities. Slide to page 86.

“The Art of the Wild: Obi Kaufmann and the California Field Atlas”
Adventure-to-Adventure online magazine, February 16, 2018. Article by Wayne Norman about Obi Kaufmann’s herb walk and workshop with Lanny.

“Surviving A Firestorm”
Ventura County Reporter, February 14, 2018. Article by Kit Stolz.

“Trail Quest: Potrero John Trail”
Original article in Santa Barbara News-Press, posted at songsofthewilderness.com, March 27, 2017. Article by James Wapotich.

“Reyes Peak Herb Walk brings back a lot of good memories”
Ojai Valley News, September 2, 2016. Article by Perry Van Houten.

“Herb Walks in Ojai celebrates 40 years”
Ventura County Reporter, February 4, 2016. Article by Chris O’Neal.

“A Walk in the Garden”
Ventana Monthly, September 1, 2015. Article by Ken McAlpine. Photographs by T. Christian Gapen.

“A plant a day..USC pharmacology prof joins herbalist for medicinal plant walks” Part 1
“A plant a day..USC pharmacology prof joins herbalist for medicinal plant walks” Part 2
Santa Barbara News-Press, March 10, 2015. Article and photographs by Brett Leigh-Dicks, reprinted with permission from Santa Barbara News-Press.  Copyright 2015 Ampersand Publishing, LLC

“Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center to host Herb Walk at Open House May 10”
Ojai Valley News, May 2, 2014

“TrailQuest: Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer”
Santa Barbara News-Press, March 22, 2014. Article and photographs by James Wapotich, reprinted with permission from Santa Barbara News-Press.  Copyright 2014 Ampersand Publishing, LLC

“Native Plants Create Great Drought Tolerant Landscaping”
KEYT NewsChannel 3 interview with Kelsey Gerckens. Originally aired February 21, 2014.

Ojai Rambler blog interview with Lanny: July 12, 2013
Interview by blog editor Ron Singer about 2013 Spring-Summer Herb Walks season.

“Plants as medicine: reviving Chumash tradition”
Ojai Valley News, June 12, 2013.  Article by Kit Stolz

Ojai Rambler blog interview with Lanny: February 8, 2013
Interview by blog editor Ron Singer about the start of the 2013 Herb Walks season.

Ojai Rambler blog interview with Lanny: December 7, 2012
Interview by Ron Singer is midway down the page. Lanny’s answers are in red.

“A Walk on the Wild Side – Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer”
LoaTree: An Eco Lifestyle Company, July 19, 2012. Article by Rachel Hommel

“Plant expert offers insight into their uses and ecological significance” 
Ventura County Reporter, May 17, 2012. Article by Alex Wilson

“It’s My Job” article by Chris T. Wilson below:
Ojai Valley News, April 17, 2012


Article below by Dave Mason reprinted with permission from Santa Barbara News-Press, April 14, 2012. Copyright 2012 Ampersand Publishing, LLC

Article reprinted below about Herb Walk with Julie Tumamait-Stenslie
Ojai Valley News, October 21, 2011
Herb Walk with special guest Julie Tumamait

“Old Baldwin trailhead gives wheelchair users access to nature”
Ventura County Star, June 14, 2011.

“Local plant expert plans first ‘herb walk’ of the season”
Ventura County Star, February 14, 2011

“Final herb walk of the year is planned for Saturday”
Ventura County Star, June 8, 2010

“Ojai herb expert leading walk”
Ventura County Star, April 16, 2010

“Herbaceous Outing”
Los Angeles Times, March 15, 2001

“Nature leaves a trail to cures: Ojai herbs expert promotes healing powers of wilderness”
Los Angeles Daily News, August 22, 1997

JAUNTS: All-Natural Pleasure on This Oak Creek Trek : There’s a bounty of elixirs and tasty morsels growing all around us. Guide Lanny Kaufer wants to point the way”
Los Angeles Times, October 21, 1993. Article by Jane Hulse

Ojai Valley News, Wednesday, June 24, 1981