Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants


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Author: Christopher Nyerges

Publisher: Chicago Review Press; Second edition, revised and updated (2014)

Paperback: 337 pages

An authoritative guide to foraging for edible, useful, and medicinal plants from an expert on horticulture, survival skills, and self-reliance.

Filled with down-to-earth wisdom and hands-on experience of author Christopher Nyerges, who has led wild-food outings and survival hikes for over 40 years, Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants details the medicinal and practical uses of 70 common wild plants. A handy A-Z format; keys to leaves, fruits, and seeds; and more than 100 black-and-white photographs and drawings enable readers to identify plants at a glance.

Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants is more than a listing of plant types—it teaches how to recognize edible plants and where to find them, their medicinal and nutritional properties, and their growing cycles. It also includes fascinating folklore about plants, personal anecdotes about trips and meals, simple and tasty recipes, and photographs. In addition to common native plants, it includes many so-called “weeds” found in the urban and suburban landscapes.

An array of abundant wild foods is available to hikers, campers, botanists or anyone interested in living closer to the earth. If you live in Southern California, this book is a good place to start your quest.

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