Love your new book!

I just finished reading your book. A very well done Field Guide. Congratulations! And the photographs

Your book is beautiful!  I hope that you’re happy with it.  I’m sure that it

Got your book, thanks ~ and wow, it’s fantastic, so comprehensive, a lifetime of knowledge.

In Lanny Kaufer’s new book Medicinal Herbs of California, A Field Guide to Common Healing

Congratulations Lanny! Your new book is phenomenal! I am loving it! So much valuable info

Your new book is fabulous in so many ways!! The multiple photos of various stages

Medicinal Herbs of California is a very useful resource that is filled with facts and stories

Medicinal Herbs of California represents an immense undertaking in bringing the worlds of traditional herbal medicine

As a practicing herbalist for 52 years, my three libraries are treasuries of hundreds of great