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Newly published paper on Black Sage for pain treatment

Frequent Herb Walks guest presenter Dr. James Adams and his colleagues Steven Guhr and Enrique Villaseñor recently published a paper on the medicinal value of Black Sage entitled Salvia mellifera—How Does It Alleviate Chronic Pain?” You can read and download the entire paper at the hyperlinked title in the preceding sentence.

As explained in the abstract, “Black sage, Salvia mellifera, can be made into a sun tea that is used as a foot soak to treat pain patients. The monoterpenoids and diterpenoids in the preparation penetrate the skin of the feet and stop the pain chemokine cycle, which may be the basis of chronic pain. Several chronic pain patients have reported long-term improvements in their pain after treatment with the preparation.”

Adams and Villaseñor will return to Ojai on April 6, 2019, for a Spring Medicinal Plant Workshop which will include, among other activities, preparing and soaking in this tea. In the morning we will visit the plant and discuss the fine points of its identification.

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