Salt & Straw staff foraging invasive Sweet Fennel for their Ojai-inspired summer ice cream flavor

An Ojai foraged flavor for Salt & Straw Ice Cream

This spring I had the pleasure of taking the founder and staff of Salt & Straw Ice Cream on an herb walk in the hills above Ojai. The purpose? To search for foraged flavors for this innovative company’s camping-inspired summer menu. The result? Wild Fennel Amaro Milk-Sorbet, an amazing creation featuring wild-harvested invasive Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare).

Lucky for me, they ship ice cream on dry ice so I was able to sample this and the other June flavors before they disappeared into the timeline. Lucky for you, even though it’s too late to try the Ojai flavor, they are constantly adding new flavors at their California stores in Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego and San Francisco as well as the original store in Portland, OR and one in Seattle, WA.

Here’s a link to Salt & Straw’s blog post on “Foraging For Flavors” about me and the other foragers and the vision behind their experimental style.

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