New opportunities in alternative medicine

I recently received the message below from David Clark, a career consultant in Chicago, IL who found my website while researching alternative medical programs for young women. It’s encouraging for me to see these new programs becoming available. Keep up the good work, David!



My name is David and I am a career consultant here in Chicago, Illinois. I came across and have been using a lot while researching on new career opportunities that may benefit the youngsters. I wanted to send you a quick email saying how helpful your site has been to us!

Currently I am doing a project on doctor alternative courses that provide great career opportunities for young girls who want to get going with their career quickly. After some research I have come up with some resources that offer short term courses that are great for women’s career .

Few of them are listed below.

I wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to also add it to your other resources. It seemed to have good information, so thought it might be interesting to you and your other visitors.

Please let me know if you are able and I will be excited to see my career suggestions on the way to help as many students as possible.

Thanks again,
David Clark

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