Tarrah’s Artful Herbal Notes

With so many events and so much going on outside in Nature these days, it’s been hard to find time for blogging. I have to take a minute, though, to acknowledge these beautiful and informative notes sent to me by new Herb Walks friend Tarrah Toland. She attended the Foraging Walk and Primitive Herbal Brewing with Pascal Baudar, her first event with me,  on April 30. It’s not surprising that she came away from that day inspired. Still, I was blown away by the notes she sent afterwards. Are you inspired now, too, to take your notetaking to another level?

(POSTSCRIPT: There is one small error that I saw which I can’t help correcting. Our local species of Mugwort is Artemisia douglasiana. Other than that, great job, Tarrah!)


Tarrahs notes small

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