Dr. Jim Adams joins us at Wheeler Gorge

Dr. Jim Adams and Lanny Kaufer

Dr. James D. “Jim” Adams of the USC School of Pharmacology — and carrier of Chumash medicine by way of his mentor, the late Cecilia Garcia — joined us for a Medicinal Plant Walk and Acorn Preparation at Wheeler Gorge north of Ojai on Sunday, June 16. Keith Farrar shot this photo of Jim and me back at the picnic area at the Visitor Center after the morning hike on the Wheeler Gorge Nature Trail. We had a big turnout and, as usual, Jim regaled us with the lore and science of the healing native plants that he clearly loves and respects. I had a death in my immediate family on Monday so have not had time to collect myself and share about Sunday and Jim’s teachings but I will be doing just that on this web log in coming days. So please stay tuned.

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