Photo by Anne Cusack. Los Angeles Times

Russ Parsons pitches Radish pods

Photo by Anne Cusack. Los Angeles Times
Photo by Anne Cusack. Los Angeles Times

The juicy green pods of the common Radish (Raphanus sativus) have finally hit the big time. Russ Parsons, the author of The California Cook column in the Saturday editions of the L.A. Times, wrote an article for the May 3 paper entitled “Gardening skill doesn’t live to cooking talent” that features the radishes that got away from him in his garden. He discovered what foragers already know. Those nutritious pods that follow the white and purple flowers are delicious. He describes them as “kind of like a cross between a radish and a sugar snap pea.” And they are available for the picking since our local naturalized Wild Radish is the same species as the garden variety.

You should be able to open the article link above whether or not you are registered on their website. To see his recipe for “Mixed green salad with hard-boiled eggs and radish pods” you will have to register. It’s free, easy, and well worth it for access to recipes and other features on their online edition.





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