Miner's Lettuce. Photo by Angelina Sanchez.

Photos from the San Antonio Creek Herb Walk on March 15, 2014

Miner's Lettuce. Photo by Angelina Sanchez.
Miner’s Lettuce          Photo by Angelina Sanchez

Thank you, Angelina Sanchez, for sharing your photos from our Herb Walk on San Antonio Creek in Santa Barbara on March 15. Here’s a link direct to a slideshow of the photos. I’ve labeled the plant photos with their common names. This album includes photos of Western Sycamore, Poison Oak, California Blackberry, Mugwort, Miner’s Lettuce and several others.

After every Herb Walk participants receive a list by email of all plants we have identified and/or discussed including the common names and scientific names for the family, genus and species. The names can then be copied and pasted into the search field on this website or on several found on my page of Links to Resources to continue studying them.

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