Reyes Peak Trail Nature Hike: October 27, 2013

Ten of the twelve happy hikers heading into the wilderness at the foot of Reyes Peak. Photo: John Griffith
Ten of the twelve happy hikers heading into the Sespe Wilderness at the foot of Reyes Peak.   Photo: John Griffith


Lanny led the group into the majestic California White Fir forest where this sapling was growing in the shelter of its parents.         Photo: John Griffith


Several of the Channel Islands were visible from our 7000 foot vantage point.             Photo: John Griffith


Santa Cruz Island across the fog-shrouded channel.                      Photo: John Griffith


Sugar Pine can grow in the most impossible places among the sandstone formations atop Pine Mountain.                    Photo: John Griffith


The Cuyama Valley and points north as seen from the Reyes Peak Trail.                   Photo: John Griffith


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